Physical Characteristics

The little house fly looks quite a bit like a house fly, except that it’s smaller – 1/4 to 1/8 inch long – and slimmer. Coloration is similar to the house fly, except there are no longitudinal stripes on the thorax.

Little House Fly


You probably won’t find little house flies inside your home, but they can be a nuisance in garages and breezeways, and on patios and porch areas. Little house flies favor cooler weather than their larger counterparts. They probably won’t land on your food, but they do hover off the ground at a height where they get in people’s faces, which can be annoying.


Fly infestations almost always indicate some kind of sanitation problem. Little house flies breed in waste matter and other organic material, so cleaning up any affected areas should temper a fly infestation. Your Clark technician can point out what’s causing the flies to infest your property, and can advise you on how you can take care of it.

Latin name: Fannia canicularis