Physical Characteristics

Powderpost beetles are 1/8 to 1/4 inches long. Their bodies are narrow oval or capsule-like in shape, and are dark brown or reddish brown in color. Powderpost beetle larvae are cream-colored C-shaped grubs with brown heads and light brown oval spots on the sides of their bodies.


Powderpost Beetle


Next to termites, powderpost beetles are the biggest destroyers of timber wood. Their name describes what they do: turn wood into powder, specifically hardwoods with a high sap content. The culprit is the larvae of the species, which feed on the starches in the wood.


The powderpost beetle, in its larval stage, is a wood-destroying organism. If you find evidence of activity – live larvae or adult beetles, fresh exit holes in wood, or new frass (powdered wood mixed with fecal material) – your best move is to call the WDO experts at Clark Pest Control, who can advise you what measures need to be taken to control powderpost beetle activity.

Latin name: Lyctus brunneus