Damage Repair

Termite Damage, Dry-rot Fungus, and Beetle Damage – Solved

Termites are sneaky – you may not realize they've bitten off more than they can chew until your deck is sagging or your floors are failing. And they're not the only wood-destroyers. Did you know that termites are just one of many pests that devour wood? Dry-rot fungus, wood-boring beetles and other organisms can cause tremendous damage as well. Even if you just suspect these pests or organisms have taken up residence in your home, call Clark Pest Control.

Remove, Then Rebuild

We offer thorough free termite inspections*, termite treatments and termite monitoring programs like our  Term Alert 365 Service. We do the same for fungi, beetles and other nuisances. With our expertise, you'll eradicate the pest problem once and for all. Then we'll repair the damaged structure so it's as good as new. And you can enjoy your beautiful deck, fence, kitchen, bathroom or other space for years to come – pest-free.

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*Excludes real estate transactions, which may be subject to a fee.
Clark Pest can help repair termite damage.