Physical Characteristics

The red flour beetle adult is red, 1/8 inch long, and looks a lot like the confused flour beetle (Tribolium confusum), except its antennae has three distinct club segments at the tips. Unlike the confused flour beetle, the red flour beetle can fly and is attracted to light.

Red Flour Beetle


The red flour beetle is a scavenger, and is one of the most common pests infesting stored food products. It likes flour, especially with a high moisture level, and makes whatever foodstuffs it infests taste and smell bad. It also has been known to feed on beans, cayenne pepper, dried fruit, drugs, grain and grain products, milk chocolate, peas, shelled nuts, snuff and spices. It will dine on museum specimens, like dead insects, too. 



Inspect the above-mentioned items for red flour beetles or other pests, keep your kitchen and other areas clean, store items in Tupperware-type containers or sealed glass jars in a dry place, and rotate products, using your older goods first. If you think your red flour beetle problem is escalating, call Clark Pest Control. Our highly trained technicians have the expert knowledge to solve your pest problem quickly.

Latin name: Tribolium castaneum