Residential Spider Control

Spiders – Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em

Spiders sometimes get a bad rap. These eight-legged arthropods are everywhere, and they’re not easy to control. Even though spiders generously eat the insect pests that we detest, some people think that spiders and their webs are just too creepy to keep in their homes.Clark Pest's spider control to the rescue!

Spiders in California and Northwestern Nevada

Luckily, those of us west of the Rockies generally don't have to worry about the deadly brown recluse spider. However, we definitely have our share of spiders. Two of the more common western U.S. spiders are the black widow and the long-legged cellar spider, sometimes mistaken as “daddy long-legs.” While the black widow's painful bite usually isn’t deadly, it can be. The cellar spider, on the other hand, is just a harmless builder of messy webs. Both spiders like to live in garages, eaves, attics, barns and many other protected places where they can easily catch their lunch.

If you've got spiders, we've got smart solutions. Clark Pest Control’s Pest-Away® service will make sure your spider population is eradicated throughout the year. Our highly trained and licensed service technicians regularly sweep for webs, treat your accessible eaves and deploy other environmentally friendly control measures in harborage areas.

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Clark Pest exterminates all kinds of spiders.

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