For gardeners, such pests as aphids, whiteflies and scale insects can be a serious nuisance, as their sap-sucking dining habits wreak major havoc on plants. Some of these insects also can attract serious ant activity on garden plants because they excrete a sweet substance called honeydew, which draws the ants. Accumulated honeydew can sprout a blackish, sooty mold that triggers an allergic response with some people. In defense of these bugs, the lac scale insect of south Asia is the source for shellac, historically used to stain wood floors and press 78-r.p.m. phonograph records. 

[Animalia > Arthropoda > Insecta > Hemiptera > Sternorryncha > Aphidodea, Aleyrodidea, Coccoidea]

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Aphidoidea, many genera and species

White Fly


Aleyrodidae, many genera and species

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