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Bed bug treatments are on the rise! Bed bugs largely disappeared from the developed world in the 1940s, mostly due to pesticide treatments. Since then, two things have occurred: bed bugs acquired a resistance to pesticides and international travel made it possible for bed bugs to hitchhike to the U.S. from parts of the world from which they had not been eradicated. 

According to the news, bed bugs are back with a vengeance. But there's no reason to panic. Clark Pest Control's highly trained force of technicians have bed bug treatments that will end their reign – right away. 

Act Fast to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Not only can they travel around the world, but these appleseed-sized, blood-sucking insects are very good at moving from place to place – from a hotel room to your bedroom, or from that garage sale furniture to the rest of your house. Once bed bugs enter your home, they begin multiplying – and one female bed bug will lay one to five eggs a day, or an average of 120 eggs in its life. Once hatched, these hordes of juvenile bugs, or nymphs, will reach adulthood in three weeks. Then they'll seek out blood meals from you and your family while you’re sleeping, by zeroing in on the carbon dioxide you exhale – and laying lots of eggs. This becomes a big problem in short order.

The Clark Solution: Bye Bye Bed Bugs

  • We’ll conduct a meticulously thorough inspection of your premises.
  • Once we locate bed bugs or evidence of their activity (like cast-off skins from molts or blood spotting on mattresses), we'll design a customized strategy for their annihilation.
  • Your Clark Pest Control representative will give you a detailed set of instructions, starting with tasks you'll need to perform before we start. These need to be followed rigorously for maximum effectiveness.
  • Armed with the latest information on combating these critters, we'll bring our state-of-the-art arsenal of anti-bed bug weapons.
  • Once they're out, our special Pest-Away® program provides year-round maintenance to keep bugs at bay.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Options

Note: Our bed bug treatment options can be used independently, or in combination with any other treatments:

Heat remediation: Bed bugs can’t stand the heat – especially above 120o F. We'll prepare your room/s by ensuring everything exposed to heat is opened up or positioned properly for maximum effectiveness. Then, Clark Pest Control technicians will place industrial-powered heaters to raise the temperature room by room to exterminate bed bugs and their eggs. An on-site technician will monitor the rooms to make sure they're hot enough. 

Steam: Our technicians carefully treat every surface, cranny, crack and crevice with bed bug-destroying hot vapors or steam, making sure that no bed, piece of furniture, or other object in a targeted room is left untreated.

Conventional pest control: Sometimes the most effective bed bug treatments are materials with a residual, or longer-lasting, effect, like applied liquids or dusts. We deploy these with your family’s safety foremost in mind.

Fumigation: Serious bed bug infestations require tented fumigation, where our Clark Pest Control technician oversees the work of a licensed fumigator.

Inspection: We also monitor homes, businesses or properties for bed bug activity. Our inspection service prevents re-infestations. After all bugs and eggs are destroyed, we'll provide documentation and instructions on how to keep your space free of bed bugs forever.

After all bugs and eggs are destroyed, we'll provide documentation and instructions on how to keep your space free of bed bugs.

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