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Mosquitoes are such a threat to public health that many county governments have set up special agencies to control these flying, disease-carrying pests. But quite often, those vector control agencies’ hard work doesn’t go far enough, and your home will need extra protection. That’s where Clark’s highly trained force of technicians comes in. We know pests and how to protect your family from them.

Let Clark rid your property of mosquitos and save your backyard retreat!

When you need backyard mosquito control, you need Clark Pest Control. Ask your Clark technician about our Mosquito Control Service or simply schedule your free inspection today. Our pest control professionals provide you with the best mosquito treatment for your property.

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"Within hours of my service call, a technician was at my residence resolving my pest problem. I want to thank the Clark Pest service technicians for their professionalism and customer service. Just like their commercials, Clark Pest Control is reliable and dependable."
—Mrs. C. Johns

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So, how does Clark’s Mosquito Service suppress these challenging pests?


Our Mosquito Control Service uses a three-pronged approach to target mosquitoes at different life stages.

1. Remove and treat breeding sites: First, standing water, a breeding source for mosquitoes, is removed. In any standing
water that remains, larvicide tablets are applied to kill any mosquito larvae left in the water.

2. Install and service a mosquito defense station: Next, a station is installed to affect female mosquitoes laying their eggs. This is important, as female mosquitoes, which need a protein from blood meals to create their eggs, are the ones that bite. The station contaminates them with a biological fungus that eventually kills the insect, but not before it can be spread to other mosquitoes as she travels to additional bodies of water to lay more eggs. This targeted treatment turns the mosquitoes’ own biology against them, passing the fungus to any hidden breeding sites in your yard.

3. Treat mosquito resting areas: Finally, your technician will apply a product designed for long-lasting mosquito control to foliage and shady areas where mosquitoes are known to rest. While Clark’s Pest-Away service targets treatment to cracks and crevices where crawling pests hide, the Mosquito Control service uses a broadcast application to cover mosquito resting areas. This thorough coverage will ensure that the product remains effective against resting mosquitoes until the next time your property is serviced.

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