Physical Characteristics

The dampwood termite swarmer is up to 3/4 to 1 inch long, including wings. The swarmer is light to dark brown in color with a yellow to reddish tinge with dark brown wings. Dampwood termites are larger than the drywood or subterranean termites found on the west coast.

Dampwood Termite

Western Dampwood Termite


Dampwood termites locate their colonies in damp, decaying wood, typically found in old trees, stumps and logs and known for attacking utility polls, pilings and fence posts.

Signs of Infestation

Dampwood termites will eat across the natural grain, with an appetite for both spring and summer wood. The chambers these termites excavate are connected by tunnels with walls that are as smooth as finely sanded wood. Dampwood termites will seal off each chamber with their own fecal pellets, which otherwise will accumulate at the bottom of the chamber.


It takes expert knowledge to know where to look for termite activity, then analyze the findings and assess whether treatment is needed, and what kind of treatment will work to arrest any termite activity found. Clark Pest Control has highly trained termite specialists that can look over your property, then help you decide the best course of action. Schedule your Western dampwood termite inspection today.