Physical Characteristics

Adult furniture beetles are 1/6 to 1/10 inches long. Their bodies are narrow oval or capsule-like in shape, and are dark brown or reddish brown in color, with the pronotum, or sheath that covers the beetle’s back behind its head, resembling a monk’s cowl. Furniture beetle larvae are tiny creamy white-colored C-shaped grubs; the boring activities of these so-called woodworms are what make them pests.

Furniture Beetle


Furniture beetle larvae only attack seasoned sapwood, leaving the heartwood – or wood from the dead inner core of the tree – alone. The adults live to mate and lay eggs, which hatch into larvae that live inside and burrow through wood or lumber for three to four years. Then they pupate before emerging from their woody shelters as adults, by boring holes to access the outer world. Often, this is the only sign that infestation has occurred.


The furniture beetle, in its larval stage, is a wood-destroying organism. If you find evidence of activity – live larvae or adult beetles, fresh exit holes in wood, new frass (powdered wood mixed with fecal material) – your best move is to call the WDO experts at Clark Pest Control, who can advise you what measures need to be taken to control furniture beetle activity.  

Latin name: Anobium punctatum