Physical Characteristics

Southern Fire ants are 1/16-1/4 inch long and queens are usually a 1/4 inch or more. The head and thorax are yellowish red, and the abdomen is black in color.

Southern Fire Ant

Southern Fire Ant


Typically the southern fire ant is ground nesting, however, the southern fire ant will nest outside in close proximity of the kitchen, in wood, soil, masonry, base of trees or shrubs and in clumps of grass and may gain access through HVAC systems, power inlets and outlets and pipes. Fire ants may also nest in breaker panels and electrical junction and water boxes.

Fire ants prefer a high-protein diet, typically, but will feed on almost everything, regardless plant or animal. Southern fire ants have been known for eating electrical and phone lines seeking out the wire insulation as well as soiled clothing.

The southern fire ant is highly aggressive and has been known for attacking non-responsive residents and pets, such as the elderly and infants, inflicting injury.


Treating fire ants should be handled by a trained licensed professional due to the southern fire ants' aggressive nature. Most can be controlled with Clark's Year Round Pest Control. However, in cases of heavy, difficult infestations a combination of residual barriers and baits may be used. Schedule your fire inspection today.