Shipping Ports & Transportation Facilities

Where There Is Transportation, There Are Pests

With products arriving and departing all day every day, transport pest control becomes imperative to shipping ports, transportation facilities, and vessels. These fast-paced, dynamic atmospheres require a pest management company that provides around-the-clock service that's always several steps ahead of pests.

Our goal at Clark Pest Control is to serve your specific objectives with the minimal amount of disruption and the highest level of effectiveness. Since 1950, we've expertly handled a range of shipping ports and transportation facilities in the California and northwestern Nevada areas.  We know exactly where pests like to live, so we zero in on entry points and nests – and correct or control them.

Clark's Process:

  • Licensed technicians with year-round training conduct thorough inspection of your property.
  • Recommend best trapping and monitoring and/or grounds care strategies now and for the future.
  • Pinpoint improvements like sealing cracks/crevices, pipes/fixtures and wall void openings.
  • Certified by NPMA Food Safety, QualityPro and GreenPro—and trained to follow GMPs.
  • Provide pre-audit preparation consultation and audit assistance.
  • Ensure you meet the requirements of all auditing agencies, including organic and kosher.
  • Produce specific documentation to comply with all third-party audit requirements.
  • Create clear, concise pest management inspection reports that can be maintained on-site in binders or electronically via a secure online portal.
  • Include documentation with product labels and safety data sheets (SDS); show performed service, materials and future recommendations.
  • Quality Assurance Supervisors conduct periodic reviews and assessments.
  • Structure flexible payments for property owner or individual tenants.
  • Can train your employees, too.

The Clark Pest Control Difference:

  • Cutting edge technology:
    • Our licensed technicians provide state-of-the-art pest control and grounds care measures, materials and equipment, like fumigation and quarantine techniques tailored for the special needs of shipping ports and transportation facilities.
    • You'll have online access to reporting, trending, deficiency lists, recommendations, invoices and other resources.
  • Helping you stay compliant:
    • You'll receive precise, highly detailed records; we'll help you with shipping and import/export documents as well.
  • Going green:
    • Clark's S.M.A.R.T.® (Sustainable Methods And Responsible Treatments) philosophy controls stored food pests with a food-safe monitoring and targeting plan, only applying materials when necessary.-safe monitoring and targeting plan; we also rely on application tactics as much as possible.
    • Clark uses integrated pest management (IPM), an approach that starts with a thorough inspection. Then, we use cultural, biological or physical (e.g., exclusion) methods.
  • Year-round care:
    • The key to preventing re-infestations is vigilance. Get continuous care with our Pest-Away® program.
    • We also offer continuous lawn care.
  • Guaranteed:
    • We guarantee our work 100 percent and take pride in offering you superior service.

Call Clark at 1-800-882-0374 or click here to keep your shipping ports, transportation facilities and shipping vessels pest-free.