Grounds Care Services

Clark Digs Commercial Grounds Care

Even though Clark is well-known for our pest-fighting prowess, we also have great green thumbs. From high-quality, customized fertilizers blended for your specific patches of lawn, to meticulous tree and shrub care, to safe and effective weed and vegetation control, our mission is your healthy, green weed-free and pest-free property and grounds.

Our services are customizable, too. Use our Premier Commercial Lawn Care Service to combine any turf and ornamental services, like turf care, weed control or tree and shrub care--with our pest control and/or our termite monitoring programs. So you get a comprehensive umbrella service that delivers all of your pest, turf and ornamental needs together.

Get Your Grass Greener and Your Hardwoods Healthier

We'll manage the health of your landscape with our custom-blended fertilizers, applying only superior nutritional supplements to your turf to bring about exceptional color and quality. We use the industry’s most current and effective methods of managing turf weeds, including both broadleaf weeds and grass weeds such as crabgrass and Poa. And our tree and shrub care provides your trees and plants with the food they need to thrive.

Clark's Grounds Care Process:

  • We apply the appropriate custom-blended fertilizers seasonally.
  • We perform regular maintenance for nuisance turf weeds and annual applications to prevent crabgrass infestations.
  • We apply annual systemic treatments to prevent chewing and sucking insect infestations.
  • We perform ongoing topical treatments, as needed, for breakthrough infestations.
  • We have systemic and topical treatments available for fungus and disease.
  • We prevent the accumulation of sticky honeydew on facility grounds.
  • We promote superior plant health and vigor with organic techniques.
  • Clark’s commercial specialists receive technical training each year and are certified by NPMA Food Safety, QualityPro and GreenPro, and they're also trained to adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
  • Our Quality Assurance Supervisors provide periodic reviews and assessments.
  • We supply expert advice and written recommendations on best practices for mowing, watering and aeration.
  • We provide diagnostic and troubleshooting assistance.
  • We guarantee our work 100 percent.

Clark's Lawn and Grounds Services

  • Turf and Ornamental Services:
    • Lawn Fertilization
    • Tree and Shrub Care
    • Weed Control and Vegetation Management
For facility grounds that warmly welcome every guest, call Clark today at 1-800-882-0374, or click here.