Tree and Shrub Care

Invest in Your Image

Trees and shrubs are more than just pretty ornaments for well-manicured grounds at your facility. Trees provide critical oxygen and filter out carbon dioxide from the environment. Both trees and shrubs can offer much needed shade and even enhance property values. And they are beautiful to behold, trees and shrubs can add a million dollar look to any business.

If your trees and shrubs show signs of improper nutrition like slow or stunted growth, pale green or yellow leaves, or early loss of leaves, call us. Or if you want to maintain their health, we can help. Clark Pest Control can create a customized commercial tree and shrub care program to ensure your plants receive life-giving environmentally friendly fertilization year-round, as well as solid protection from damaging insects and disease.  Healthy trees and shrubs can fend off infestation and disease. So we take special steps to ensure the highest quality tree and shrub care to keep them happy and healthy.

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Clark offers tree care and shub care services.