Rodent Control

Rid Your Business of Rats and Mice

Did you know that rodents can pass through an opening the size of their noses? No wonder they have an easy time entering your facility. In addition to inviting them in, these small openings also make it very difficult to detect every entry point around your commercial property.

We know rodents. And over the many years of our experience since 1950, we've seen them all — and where they like to live. Whether they're roof rats, Norway rats or even mice — they do not belong in your place of business. They can transmit diseases and viruses and soil your food preparation and storage areas. Clark’s skilled technicians can perform a thorough inspection and identify every rodent entry point. We'll use environmentally responsible methods wherever possible to evict and repel these pesky pests. We also offer Pest-Away®, a year-round maintenance program that keeps rodents from returning.

The best and easiest way to control rodents is to prevent them from making themselves comfortable before they start! With a tightly sealed building and good management practices, many rodent problems can be avoided entirely.

Gophers, Moles, and Ground Squirrels—Oh My!

Clark Pest Control also offers customized programs to fit your facility’s needs for gopher, mole or ground squirrel control. These small creatures can do great damage to your infrastructure, equipment and supplies. We can safeguard your property and grounds from these vertebrate pests’ feeding and tunneling intrusions.

Clark's Process:

  • Our rodent-proofing, coupled with regular sanitation efforts, provides sustainable rodent management.
  • We practice exclusion, a proactive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to rodent control that inspects for rodent entry points and then corrects them.
  • We will thoroughly inspect your facility and document our findings and recommendations to help prevent rodents from establishing a population in your facility.
  • We use inner-tunnel baiting as above-ground baiting systems.
  • We offer trapping and tunnel fumigation from some of our locations.
  • Clark’s commercial specialists receive technical training each year and are certified by NPMA Food Safety, QualityPro and GreenPro; they're also trained to adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMPs).
  • We provide pre-audit preparation consultation and audit assistance.
  • We'll ensure you meet the requirements of all auditing agencies, including organic and kosher.
  • We'll produce specific documentation to comply with all third-party audit requirements.
  • We'll create clear, concise Pest Management Inspection Reports that can be maintained on-site in binders or electronically.
  • We'll include documentation with product labels and safety data sheets (SDS's), show performed service, materials and future recommendations.
  • Our Quality Assurance Supervisors conduct periodic reviews and assessments.
  • We structure flexible payments for property owner or individual tenants.
  • We can train your employees, too.
  • We guarantee our results 100 percent.

Call Clark today at 1-800-882-0374 or click here for professional commercial rodent control. Send those pests scurrying—just not on your property.