Commercial Fumigation & Commodity Fumigation

Protect Your Goods From Pests for Good

California and northwestern Nevada's loading docks, piers and railyards manage millions of tons of agricultural and other products that flow to consumers across the globe. These shipping sites can be especially vulnerable to pests. And if a large-scale pest infestation occurs, commercial fumigation and/or commodity fumigation may be the best solution.

Clark Pest Control is a trusted fumigator with decades of experience spanning a variety of different industries. Since fumigation is a large undertaking that affects both the health of your employees as well as the premises itself, we take safety very seriously. We meet all requirements and safety regulations and go beyond what is necessary to truly eradicate destructive and harmful pests.

We know that time is money; we carry out fumigation with the least amount of downtime. We'll perform fumigations at your facility or at the shipping point/vessels/quarantine containers, and can execute large-scale projects. We'll fumigate bulk grain, bagged rice, grain, corn, nuts, bamboo, wood, fresh fruit and vegetables, live plants and other perishable commodities. Using cutting-edge technology, environmentally friendly methods, a humane approach, solid follow-up with continuing care, meticulous records and audits and 100-percent guaranteed services, we'll have you pest — and worry free — and back to business as usual.

Clark's Fumigation Process:

  • Safety is our number one priority; your fumigation will be safe and fully compliant with all regulations.
  • We're a certified fumigation company; we're also certified by NPMA Food Safety, QualityPro and GreenPro—and adhere to GMPs. Services are USDA (quarantine) approved.
  • Licensed technicians with year-round training conduct thorough inspections of your property.
  • We pinpoint improvements like sealing cracks/crevices, pipes/fixtures and wall void openings.
  • We'll create fumigation management plans and recommend best trapping and monitoring strategies now and for the future.
  • We offer all types of fumigants as well as alternatives.
  • We provide pre-audit preparation consultation and audit assistance.
  • We perform crate and pallet fumigations using ISPM 15 guidelines.
  • We'll ensure you meet the requirements of all auditing agencies, including organic and kosher.
  • We'll produce specific documentation to comply with all third-party audit requirements.
  • We'll create clear, concise pest management inspection reports that can be maintained on-site in binders or electronically via our secure web portal.
  • We'll include documentation with product labels and safety data sheets (SDS; show performed service, materials and future recommendations.
  • We can generate reports via electronic data capture and offer web-based reporting for multiple users, including trending and barcoding.
  • Our Quality Assurance Supervisors conduct periodic reviews and annual assessments.
  • We structure flexible payments for property owner or individual tenants.
  • We can train your employees too.

Call our commercial fumigation experts at 1-800-882-0374 or click here to get unwanted pests out of your goods and property.