Weed Control & Vegetation Management

First Impressions Last

First impressions are critical, and invasive weeds can strike an instant negative mark in the eyes of customers and visitors. What's more, they put the health of your lawn at risk and invite more pests onto your property. They can also be fuel for fires and harborage for insects, rodents and other pests.

Since 1950, Clark Pest Control has worked with businesses in California and northwestern Nevada to eradicate their weed issues. We will thoroughly inspect your grounds for signs of invasive weeds and can design a customized weed control program that reduces insect and rodent harborages, protects your lawn and landscape plants from invasion, manages vegetation, minimizes fire hazards and enhances the overall appearance of your commercial property. We offer year-round services to keep your property weed-free and pest-free. And our commercial grounds care services can easily be combined with pest control services, too.

Clark's Weed Control Process:

  • Our comprehensive industrial vegetation management (IVM) programs are tailored to meet your facility’s specific needs, like control of annual grasses, broadleaf weeds, and invasive species, including woody weeds and vines.
  • We offer pre- and post-emergent application programs.
  • We have specialized equipment available to treat open acreage, access trails, and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Our weed control programs are 100 percent guaranteed.

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Clark Pest offers weed control services.