Non-Chemical Pest Solutions

Kinder and Gentler Effective Pest Control

Clark Pest Control understands that pesticides are not always the answer. There are a number of non-chemical solutions that are just as effective when it comes to preventing and eliminating unwanted pests in commercial facilities. Our pest management experts have developed and currently deploy a wide variety of natural alternatives.

Clark's Chemical-free Pest Control Options:

  • Pest Exclusion is the cornerstone of an effective integrated pest management (IPM) program since it works by denying pests access to your commercial facility. Our experts perform a top-to-bottom inspection of your facility to identify potential entry points, and then recommend corrective actions to secure them.
  • Cultural practices include maintaining good sanitation habits, regularly rotating products and providing up-to-date employee training; these go a long way towards avoiding pests.
  • Vacuum pest control physically removes pests from your facility and is often the most efficient way to reduce the pest population.
  • Heat extermination uses both volumetric heat and the direct application of hot vapors to eliminate pests. Volumetric heat penetrates and treats targeted areas of your facility by raising controlled temperatures to a lethal level. We also apply direct hot vapor applications to enable dry steam to raise the temperature of an immediate area (spot treatment) to a lethal level.
  • Removal and repair of door and window frames, HVAC vents, openings in the foundation, or furniture – which is either allowing access to pests or has been infested – to immediately stop the infestation and prevent future incidents.
  • Pheromone-Baited Traps are highly targeted and extremely effective pest deterrents for most stored-product pest species. They can detect specific pests, and work well for stored products in restaurants, grocery stores, pet stores and large and small food-processing plants and warehouses. These insect-emitted, naturally occurring chemicals are used to attract other like insects or keep them away.

Clark's Process:

  • At each service appointment, we thoroughly inspect your property and review our findings with you to determine the best course of action.
  • We only apply pesticides after conducive conditions are addressed and other non-chemical certified interventions are employed.
  • We offer third-party audit preparation, consultation and representation.
  • Our IPM program documents the details of all operations, inspection findings and recommendations.
  • We provide you with an on-site binder or online access via our secure web portal to documentation that covers all service details clearly and concisely.
  • We guarantee our work 100 percent.

To find out more about chemical-free pest control, call Clark today at 1-800-882-0374, or click here.