IPM for Food Plants - Rodents

Nov 16, 2015, 12:05 PM by Clark Pest Control Sacramento Office

Rodents are complex animals with a tremendous ability to adapt to and use commercial buildings for their destructive and potentially hazardous purposes. Rodents play a major role in food safety and attendees at the Clark Pest Control and RK Pest Management IPM for Food Plants seminar in Sacramento heard one of the world’s foremost rodentologists – Dr. Bobby Corrigan – share his insights on how rodents impact the operations of food processing facilities.

Corrigan told attendees that pest management and food industry professionals must be good investigators and keen observers if they hope to achieve the desired control results. Simple throwing more “stuff” - traps or bait stations - at a rodent problem in a food processing facility is not the answer, more investigation into the root cause and source of the infestation is.

Also on today’s schedule is Dan Collins of Collins Pest Management sharing the latest management strategies for one of the world’s oldest pests – cockroaches – that are resurgent in the food industry and Richard Kammerling of RK Pest Management discussing the importance of data analysis in designing pest programs that deliver results.


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