Residential Termite Control Service

Termite Control: The Ongoing Termite Home Protection Service

It’s your house. So why invite termites over for dinner? By ignoring termites, that’s exactly what you’re doing. These social insects, which live in giant colonies, are always looking for a fresh house on which to feast. Yours may be next on their menu, but you can take powerful steps to prevent this.

Clark Pest Control has been protecting California homes from termites since 1950. Over our many decades of experience, we have developed a comprehensive system for inspecting, monitoring and treating termite activity. We have an extensive lineup of the latest, most effective termite control products and application methods to prevent and eliminate these destructive pests. From traditional soil treatments using liquid termiticide and exterior monitoring for subterranean termites, to whole-house fumigation for the removal of drywood termites, Clark Pest Control will end your termite problem, period. And then we will continue to protect your home year after year.

The Clark Pest Control Termite Treatment Plan:

  • We'll perform free home termite inspections* to assess any damage.
  • We'll protect your home or property with our Termite Home Protection Service.
  • We'll repair and restore the areas that termites devoured before we discovered them.
  • If your home qualifies, sign up for our Termite Infestation Protection and, should termites come back, we’ll get rid of them and repair any damage they caused – at no charge.

Call Clark today at 1-800-882-0374, or click here for an estimate to protect your home against these destroyers, and never have termites to dinner again.

*Excludes real estate transactions, which may be subject to a fee.
Clark offers termite inspections & extermination.