Pest Control - Don't bring in bugs in with your firewood!

Dec 30, 2009, 13:53 PM by User Not Found

J. B. Anders Jr.
LSU AgCenter

When Louisiana temperatures take a dip, many people start thinking about building a roaring fire in their fireplaces. What they don't dream of, however, are the insects that too often come inside with the firewood.

Such insect problems are widespread. But one way to cut down on the bugs that might invade your home with the firewood is to avoid bringing wood inside until you're ready to burn it. Insects which have used the wood as a food or resting place will emerge indoors and worry many people. Insects such as long-horned beetles, buprestids, wasps, some moths and several other small arthropods will fly around indoors and are attracted to lights and windows.

Most insects can be vacuumed up and released outdoors. Wasps generally are the only ones that will sting or cause any harm. Even a dead wasp can inflict a sting at times until the body dries.

Firewood isn't the only source of problems with wasps during the winter. Many people have a problem with wasps during the cool months. The queen wasps will try to hibernate in the walls and attics of houses and, with the heating units running, the wasps may sometimes feel enough warmth to become active.

Then they will come out of light fixtures and wall outlets and can be very serious in homes, dorms and other buildings.

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