What Pests Bug You?

May 30, 2014, 13:23 PM by User Not Found


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Pest management services are more than just preventing and removing unwanted and potentially destructive pests - even though that is what the Clark Man has built his stellar reputation on!

The pest prevention and elimination services Clark Pest Control offer protect your family, your home, business or favorite restaurant, and the food you eat. They give you peace of mind that ants, termites, spiders, bed bugs or rodents won’t be a nuisance or a threat. In essence, we make your living or working environment pest- and hassle-free.

The National Pest Management Association shared with consumers a Pest Control Usage and Attitudes Survey that queried homeowners across the country on their usage and attitudes toward professional pest management services.

Being the “bug guy” that I am I found the responses interesting and accurate based on my experiences when working with customers across California.

When asked what pest causes them the greatest concern, survey respondents said ants (58%) made the top of their list. Termites (42%), spiders (40%), cockroaches (32%) and rodents (31%) rounded out the top five of most concerning pests.

The survey further broke down consumer attitudes by region and in California and nearby states the top three consumer pest concerns included:

  • Termites (25%)
  • Ants (23%)
  • Preventative care (11%)

When asked what time of year pest were most bothersome, it came as no surprise that summer (76%) ranked as the number one season for pests.

Pest prevention ranked high among consumers – it moved up to the top three concerns mentioned in six of the nine regions including California - as a concern they would like to see handled by a pest professional.

This fits in perfectly with Clark Pest Control’s pro-active approach to residential pest management that encourages good sanitation and pest exclusion practices, pest awareness, and staying on top of structural maintenance (i.e. filling in cracks and crevices, repairing screens, fixing leaky faucets, etc.) to keep pests away.

The Clark Man and the entire team of professionals at Clark Pest Control are working to make your home a pest-free environment for you and your family.

Remember, if you are experiencing a pest problem in your home and require residential pest control, call 800/WE-NEED-YOU or drop me an e-mail at clarkcares@clarkpest.com

Until next time, I’m the Clark Man and thanks for helping me keep unwanted pests out of your home.