What exactly happens during a termite inspection?

Sep 21, 2009, 20:02 PM by User Not Found

So what exactly happens when you call Clark Pest Control for your free termite inspection? and what do the inspectors look for?

Clark will send out a state-licensed termite inspector to your residence to conduct a very thorough inspection. The inspector will start by examining your property inside and out, around window and doors, plumbing, in your attic and basement or crawl space.  Anywhere termite colonies may be establishing in and around your home.

In the event our inspector discovers a termite problem, at that point he will recommend the most effective treatment method for your situation, customized to meet your home/property's specific need, as well as appropriate repairs for any damaged areas.

Finally, our inspector will recommend an on-going termite monitoring plan, Clark's Term-Alert® Program, to guarantee termites don't re-establish around your home and do further damage. Clark Offers free inspections!