What bugs homeowners?

Nov 10, 2023, 15:08 PM by Fred Speer

How do homeowners react when they encounter a bug in their house? According to research conducted by OnePoll, 43 percent of respondents said they would squish a bug if it crossed their path in a kitchen, bathroom, or pantry. Bugs fare slightly better outdoors where 32 percent indicated they would step on one.

What else did the research reveal about the survey respondents’ attitudes toward encountering an ant, centipede, fly – or worse, a cockroach or bed bug?

Clark, your local pest, termite, rodent, and yard care expert, is here to share some additional highlights:

Bug encounters

  • The average homeowner encounters a bug or pest about five times per week, both inside and outside their home.

    That frustrating feeling

  • Fifty-six percent feel frustrated when they find an unwanted bug at their home. Others feel scared (39%), disgusted (39%) or anxious (39%).

    Call the professionals

  • Twenty-two percent would rather call in a professional or get someone else to squish it for them. Only 17 percent would swat it, and 12 percent feel it is their duty to release them back to nature.
  • More than two-thirds of respondents (68%) said they would hire a professional for bug or pest issues and concerns. Twelve percent admitted they feel out of control when it comes to controlling bugs and pests.

    What is this?

  • When outside, 19 percent said they would either ignore it or do some research on what type of bug or pest it is (18%).

    Looks matter

  • More than half (56%) base their decision on whether to squish on what the bug or pest looks like. Just as many (56%) will contemplate the harm creepy crawlers could cause their kids and pets or worry about damage they could cause to their home (50%).

    Most-wanted pests

  • Homeowners do have their limits. Offenses from beetles (43%), centipedes (42%), cockroaches (42%), mosquitoes (21%) and spiders (16%) force respondents to act when inside the home. Outside, many respondents will squish or remove centipedes (39%), beetles (38%), bees (36%), and cockroaches (34%).

    Not in my house

  • Where do homeowners least want to encounter pests? According to the research, it would be while cooking in the kitchen (24%), getting ready to go to sleep (23%), relaxing in the living room (16%), or even while taking a shower (12%).

    Memorable moments

  • Almost half (49%) of respondents have had a memorable, or unpleasant, bug/pest experience. Those include “being bitten by fire ants outside my home,” “ate my garden,” and even “(an) ant bit me when I was taking my shower.”

    Pest misconceptions

  • When asked about common bug or pest misconceptions, misinformation is still circulating. Almost half (48%) of respondents think it is true that bugs or pests will not come inside a clean home.

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