Heartfelt Thank You - Clark Pest Control's Belmont Branch

May 30, 2013, 12:25 PM by Clark Pest Control Belmont Office

From time to time we receive kudos directed at our pest control technicians, this letter, from a Clark customer is so heartfelt we really wanted to share it with you. Thank you Stuart Bailey for outstanding customer service!

Dear Mr. Dixon,

Approximately 3 years ago my mother Ethel (in San Mateo) passed away. She was just shy of her 102nd birthday.

Prior to her death she had service from Clark Pest Control in Belmont and Stuart Bailey was the gentleman who serviced her house. When my mother died, Stuart left a lovely note stating his condolences to the family on her passing. I have kept that note these past 3 years, always intending to commend Stuart on his compassion and I just never got around to it.

Recently I signed up for Clark Pest Control service at my own home and the same address where my mother lived as my daughter now lives there. Chuck Markham who I have been dealing with mentioned that Stuart is still working for Clark. That is why I am contacting you now.

In this day and age of big corporations and lack of personal touch when dealing with customers, I just wanted you to know how much Stuart's note meant to me when my mother died.


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