Locust swarm inspires new pizza topping

Apr 20, 2010, 11:58 AM by User Not Found

This post was recommended by one of our blog subscribers, its an interesting post and raises a question..."Would you eat a Locust?" so I asked myself this, and yes I would! Now my personal "No Eat" list would include Deep fried Tarantulas for very obvious reasons and Crickets. I deal with Crickets a lot since that is the preferred food of Tarantulas, now Crickets smell terrible and the best way to describe the smell is that of dirty socks...enough said!

Enjoy the Article



Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of locust swarms sweeping northern Victoria, with one Mildura cafe offering a locust pizza to patrons.

Authorities say the swarms are among the biggest seen in northern Victoria in 30 years.

In the Mallee, the insects are plastered across the front of vehicles forced to drive through locust clouds.

The idea for the pizza was the brainchild of Mayor Glenn Milne, who rounded up the insects and trapped them in a garbage bag.

"You can't stop finding them when they get killed on your car, but it's another story when you get out on the oval and try to catch them," he said.

Mildura car wash operator Jeff Becker says his business has quadrupled as motorists try to keep their windscreens clean.

"The bugs don't care, they'll just get on your car," he said. "Doesn't matter who you are, what you drive."

The swarms are not such good news for farmers because the locusts are feasting on early-sown crops.

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