Charli the Tarantula has a New Friend

Jun 13, 2018, 14:59 PM by Clark Pest Control

Photograph by Mike Peel (, CC BY-SA 4.0,

We are proud to announce Charli's new friend on the blog! Just 2 weeks ago we acquired a G. Pulchra, its common name is the Brazilian Black. The Brazilian Black is one of the few most docile and gentle tarantulas in the world and has earned it nick name of the "Teddy Bear". This little bugger is very young and approx. 1 inch in diameter (just smaller than a quarter).

Information on the Brazilian Black

The G. Pulchra is one of the most sought after tarantulas and are infrequently available due to its difficultly in breeding and slow growth. The G. Pulchra is very docile, beautiful and when one becomes available, they usually are bought very quickly. G. pulchras are a lovely solid velvety black color. They are known as one of the most docile tarantulas there is.

I have named the little one MAG, since we will not know if it is a male or female for a few years. If Little MAG turns out to be a boy his name will be Mag, short for Magnum and if its a girl she will be Maggie.

Welcome to the family Little Mag!!!!


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