2 days till Christmas..oh forget it, its Christmas Eve!! - Pest Tips

Dec 24, 2009, 12:49 PM by User Not Found

So tonight is the big night, weather you are hosting a holiday party or attending one, be sure to keep things tidy to avoid unwanted holiday visitors!

What can be lurking around your tree?

It is the season for Ants, Termites and Rodents, these 3 Grinches want to ruin your Christmas so take a stand by doing the following:


  • Make sure all access points are sealed up, primarily around plumbing that comes into the house.
  • All doors are fitted with door sweeps
  • Excess card board and news paper is not stacked in side your garage or shed. 
  • Trim trees and shrubs back from your home


  • Seal around plumbing under sinks
  • Seal around electrical outlets
  • Keep food preperation areas are free from food particles
  • Cover food left out over night

  • Keep fire wood away from your home
  • Keep card board away from your home
  • Tend to any water leaks 

Remember, for infestations Call Clark!