Why hire a pest pro?

Mar 9, 2012, 17:43 PM by User Not Found
how to hire a pest control professional

Jackson Griffith | Clark Pest Control

Do you do your own pest control? That big-box hardware store carries a lot of cool items, but those household products designed to nuke bugs back to the Stone Age aren’t among them.

pest-control-professionalWhy? There’s a lot of science that goes into getting pest control right. Today, it really does take a licensed and well-trained pest professional to know precisely what pest he’s dealing with, what product to use to control it, and how much to use.

In the old days, you’d call an exterminator and a guy would show up to hose down your house and yard with his spray tank. Pest control has changed a lot since then. Today, we know that randomly spraying pesticides everywhere isn’t such a cool deal. With all the scientific advances and better information we’ve learned, along with more stringent California pest control laws to protect public health and the environment, we now understand that this is a job better left to pest professionals.

We’re not just saying that as a California pest control company that dreams of becoming your family’s pest management provider; we say it because we care about this issue deeply. At Clark Pest Control, we practice what’s called Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. Our well-trained and state-licensed pest professionals will inspect your home and property first, then tell you what specific pests we find and what conditions should be corrected – like areas hospitable to pests that need cleaning up, or entry points where pests might be getting in that will need to be blocked. Once we do start treating for pests, we’ll only use minimum amounts of pest control products we need to do the job effectively.

One big mistake that many do-it-yourself people make is that they use way too much pest control material to do the job, and what’s left over goes into a garage cabinet, or under a sink.  We bring what we use with us, and when we leave, we take it away – so you’ll never have to worry about any toxins accidentally leaking, spilling, or ending up as in ingredient at your kids’ lemonade stand.

Peace of mind with no worry about pests is what we offer. Ask us about our Pest-Away® service plan, which will keep your life pest-free without having to take matters into your own hands. At Clark Pest Control, we’re so confident that we can meet every one of your family’s pest management needs that we guarantee everything we do. We’re here for you. 


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