Springing Into Pest Season

Mar 22, 2016, 14:38 PM by Fred Speer

Clark and Spring time

Spring is the time to head outdoors in search of new adventures and activities – catching ballgames, going camping, even making an early season trip to the beach. Spring recharges everyone’s batteries and sense of adventure.

For pests, spring is also an adventurous time to explore new things, including your home or place of business. Have you ever watched a colony of Argentine ants form a trail along a sidewalk searching for food? It’s simply fascinating – unless that trail is headed to your back door or patio!

The Clark Man knows a thing or two about spring pests, and has come up with the following tips to keep adventurous insects from making your home part of their itinerary.

Ants, including California’s number-one ant, the Argentine ant, can be found both indoors and outdoors, and are more than a nuisance to your backyard picnic. Ants will forage aggressively for food, moving into your home’s kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms, even taking over a restaurant kitchen. They can spoil food, spread harmful bacteria and, in the case of the red imported fire ant, inflict painful stings.

Prevention tip: Clean up spilled food and liquids. Eliminate excess moisture sources. Seal up cracks and openings around your foundation. Keep landscape plants and vegetation trimmed. Rinse out recycled cans and bottles.

Flies are a nuisance, but they are major spreaders of harmful bacteria, too. They feed on garbage, organic matter, and filth, and when they are done feasting on yesterday’s dinner, they will fly away and land on your outdoor patio table or kitchen counter. House and fruit flies are two of the most commonly encountered flying pests, and good sanitation practices are the key to keeping them away.

Prevention tip: Place garbage in sealed containers, and empty containers frequently. Keep food in sealed containers. Repair torn window and door screens. In commercial kitchens, eliminate excessive moisture and clean drains at least once a month.

Stinging Insects can make their presence felt in the spring as temperatures rise, when they look to establish nesting sites. It is important to respect the stinging power these pests possess as they buzz around your garden or backyard patio. Like flies, stinging insects are attracted to food – so keep your backyard buffet covered in sealed dishes and clean up food spills and garbage.

Prevention tip: If you spot of nest in and around your home, call the Clark Man. Attempting to remove the nest yourself can be dangerous to you, your family, and your neighbors.

If you have any of these spring pests “bugging” you, call or text (800) WE-NEED-YOU (936-3339) or drop me an email at

Until next time, I’m the Clark Man. Thanks for helping me keep unwanted pests out of your home.

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