Reno's Branch Manager Kurtis Dyer Meets Nevada's Governor

Apr 8, 2011, 09:01 AM by User Not Found
Submitted by Kurtis Dyer Clark Pest Control Reno NV As a board member for International Executive Housekeeper s Association Sierra Nevada Chapte

Submitted by: Kurtis Dyer

Clark Pest Control, Reno NV.

Governors mansion

As a board member for International Executive Housekeeper’s Association, Sierra Nevada Chapter, I had the opportunity to attend a mixer at the Governor’s Mansion on the evening of March 26th. The mixer was sponsored by the Nevada Hotel Lodging Association.

The Governor spoke on a hot topic, the economic development of Nevada and tourism in the hospitality industry. He also went over his role and spoke about working on bringing manufacturing and industry jobs to Nevada. 

Nevada has shown some small signs of tourism growth in Northern and Southern Nevada. The outlook is good for economic growth for 2011 and 2012 in Nevada.

I got a chance to talk to the Governor one on one about Clark’s position in Northern Nevada providing work for Nevadans. He was happy to see California based companies coming into Nevada and providing needed jobs.

With Governor at Nevada Hotel Lodging Association

Thank you Kurtis for your submission and a big WAY TO GO!!

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