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Nov 7, 2017, 11:05 AM by Clark Pest Control Lodi Office
The strength of the Clark Pest Control family has seen many of our employees get involved in relief efforts to help those impacted by the California fires.

Rangel fire relief fundThe wildfires that swept across northern California cut a destructive path destroyed or damaged thousands of homes and businesses, and left more than 90,000 residents displaced. The human toll has been equally as heartbreaking.

At Clark Pest Control, we consider our customers to be part of our family, and we know that many lost everything they owned. Our hearts go out to them.

One of Clark’s own, commercial service technician Eddie Rangel, and his family lost their home in the Coffey Park neighborhood of Santa Rosa. Rangel, who has been with Clark for 12 years, and his wife Kathy and their daughters, lost everything when the fire destroyed their home on October 8.

Rangel has relocated 30 miles north to Cloverdale, where he and his family have secured housing while they make plans to rebuild. And while his new location places him closer to many of his clients, the move is only temporary until April.

“Eddie and his family, like so many impacted by the fires, are being very resilient,” says Brad Avansino, manager of the Clark Pest Control branch where Rangel works.

Besides being one of the branch’s top producers and a good example for younger technicians with his strong attention to detail and technical prowess, Rangel is described by Avansino as a dedicated family man who is in the process of formally adopting his niece.

Avansino says with many areas still not accessible, it is hard to know how many of his customers have been affected by the fires, but that the loss of valued long-term customers, many of whom have a personal connection to their service technicians, has been hard on the Clark staff.

“So many of our technicians and supervisors have developed close relationships over time with our customers, and to see them go through something like this has been difficult,” says Avansino.

The strength of the Clark Pest Control family has seen many of our employees get involved in relief efforts to help those impacted by the California fires.

Avansino says a Clark termite inspector, who is also a Comic-Con enthusiast, donned his Captain America costume and volunteered to help entertain children at a shelter. Now the inspector has joined a local troupe that goes to local hospitals to put smiles on the faces of children.

“The family spirit that exists in Clark comes from the top and flows throughout the company,” says Avansino, a 30-year veteran of the company. “We care not only for one another, but for our customers as well.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Eddie Rangel and his family to help them with their recovery efforts.

Clark Pest Control encourages you to help out those impacted by the wildfires by donating or volunteering with recovery and relief efforts in your area.

Until next time I’m the Clark Man, and thanks for helping me keep unwanted pests out of your home.


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