Creepy Movies With Creepy Crawley Bugs!

Oct 16, 2013, 13:19 PM by User Not Found
In the spirit of Halloween, we will be sharing our top five favorite classic horror/sci-Fi flicks that include creepy and crawly bugs.

In the spirit of Halloween, we will be sharing our top five favorite classic horror/sci-Fi flicks that include creepy and crawly bugs. Our fist installment includes one of my favorite arachnids: the scorpion.

The Black Scorpion
Warner Bros.,1957

 Black Scorpion Movie




















This film begins with a major earthquake of epic proportions that hits Mexico, causing a new volcano to form. Two geologists, Dr. Hank Scott and Dr. Arturo Ramos, are sent to survey the newly formed volcano. On their way to a nearby village, the geologists come upon a smashed house, a destroyed police car, a dead police officer and an abandoned baby. With an opening like this, you know you’re in store for some pure creepy-crawling, terrorizing giant bug action.

The geologists take the baby to the village, and are welcomed by the village priest, Father Delgado. While looking into the strange geological occurrence, they also investigate the destruction of the village and slaughter of livestock. The locals hear loud roars, and believe the death and destruction is coming from a demon bull. While aiding the village and conducting their survey, Hank falls head over heels in love with a local rancher named Teresa Alvarez.

The volcano erupts again, and it’s discovered that the disappearances and deaths are not the result of a demon bull, but giant prehistoric scorpions. Shortly after three telephone repairmen are attacked, the scorpions turn their attention on the village. Major Cosio and his troops, with the aid of the Mexican army, have no effect on the giant scorpions, and by morning, the giant scorpions return to their underground lair, leaving the geologists to seek help from a renowned entomologist, Dr. Velasco, who may be their only hope.

Hank and Arturo come up with a plan to destroy the cave entrance. Their plan works, but the giant scorpions make their way to the surface and destroy a train full of innocent passengers. Shortly after that, the scorpions turn on each other. Only one scorpion is left standing – the biggest and baddest. Next, the lone scorpion makes its way to Mexico City. Hank and Arturo come up with a plan, using meat from a local butcher shop, to lure the giant scorpion into a stadium, where the Army awaits with tanks and helicopters. This plan fails, as the scorpion’s armored exoskeleton is too strong and impenetrable. As a last-ditch effort, Hank attaches an electrical cable to a spear and shoots it into the giant scorpion’s neck, which electrocutes the beast to death!

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