Commercial Pest Control and How It Relates to You

Dec 14, 2012, 13:24 PM by User Not Found
Learn how commercial pest control relates to you and your business.

By: Jackson Griffith, Clark Pest Control

Eating food that’s safe is vitally important, whether it comes from a package you just opened, or on a plate in a restaurant. You absolutely want to be confident that what you’re putting into your mouth won’t make you ill. Many food-borne illnesses can be traced to pathogens carried by insect or rodent vectors that contaminate food, so commercial pest control becomes an important component to help ensure food safety.

Commercial pest control encompasses much more than food safety, though. Offices, retail stores and centers, hotels, performing-arts venues, manufacturing plants, warehouses, transportation facilities, hospitals, government buildings, schools and universities and much more all depend upon pest control to keep their environments free from infestation. While the homes in which we live can be served by residential pest control, which Clark Pest Control also can provide, other structures also are prone to insect, spider and rodent activity, not to mention nuisance birds, bats and other animal pests. The people who spend time in those buildings depend upon commercial pest control expertise to keep pests out.

Since 1950, Clark Pest Control has been a leader in developing and implementing innovative pest control solutions for business, industry and more. Our integrated pest management (IPM) approach to solving pest problems starts with inspection and pest identification, and then addresses how pests are getting in and what’s making them feel at home once they’re there, so that when pest control products, when used, are targeted to where they are needed.

Clark Pest Control also knows how to provide commercial pest control for clients with special requirements. Clark employs more GreenPro-certified technicians than any other pest control company in California, and excels at serving kosher and Certified Organic facilities, along with LEED-certified buildings.

The commercial pest control experts at Clark Pest Control are ready to design a pest management program unique to your facility’s needs. So call us today!

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