Carpenter Ant Awareness Week

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Milwaukee/NARI Mascot Offer Ideas to Recognize Carpenter Ant Awareness Week Submitted By Dave Amoroso In recognition of Carpenter Ant Awareness We

Milwaukee/NARI Mascot Offer Ideas to Recognize Carpenter Ant Awareness Week

Carpenter AntIn recognition of Carpenter Ant Awareness Week, June 20 – 26, “Gerry,” the Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council, Inc.’s carpenter ant mascot, consulted several association members to offer tips to area homeowners.


Representing the area's leading home improvement and remodeling industry resource for more than 48 years, “Gerry” provides the following practical ideas to help a home function properly.


* Screens and Storms – “Great way to keep my friends and I out, unless we’re invited in,” Gerry said. Combination screen-storm doors do double-duty, allowing for bug-free ventilation in the summer months and minimizing energy loss in the winter months.


* Basement Waterproofing – Summer storms can leave homeowners under water. Professional inspectors can examine the drainage conditions all around a home, which includes inspecting the condition of gutters, soil, and a home’s foundation, to determine if a basement is at risk for flooding.


* A/C and Cooling – Sweltering in the summer heat? A/C and cooling experts can establish the best cooling options for homeowners based on climate, style of home, and cost efficiency.


* Exterior Painting – Painting is one of the easiest, quickest, and often least expensive ways to improve a home’s appearance.


* Bathroom Remodeling – Minor or major bathroom improvements can add considerably to a homeowner’s return on investment.


* Kitchen Improvements – Bake up some dough – literally! Kitchen remodeling, just like bathroom remodeling, typically shows a strong return.


* Plumbing – Leaky faucets, pipes, and so forth can be costly to homeowners. Plumbing specialists can perform complete water meter tests on homes to determine the size of water leaks and how to address the problem.


* Window Treatments – Window treatments can add style and pizzazz and in the long run save homeowners money. Window treatments block sunlight from entering a room, thus keeping the room cooler.


* Green Building – Homeowners considering an addition, deck, patio, or exterior remodel can take advantage of construction technologies that conserve energy and resources, which is good for the environment.


* Carpenter Ants – “I think my friends and I are pretty cool, but we don’t necessarily make the best houseguests” Gerry said. “Keep us at bay by removing the things we like: rotting wood, overhanging tree branches, old tree stumps, and any moisture rich areas.”


The Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council was chartered in July 1961, as a Chapter of the National Home Improvement Council. In May of 1982, the National Home Improvement Council merged with the National Remodelers Association to form NARI – the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.


The Council’s goals of encouraging ethical conduct, professionalism, and sound business practices in the remodeling industry have led to the remodeling industry’s growth and made NARI a recognized authority in that industry. With over 900 members, the Milwaukee Chapter is the nation’s largest.


For more information or to receive a free copy of an annual membership roster listing all members alphabetically and by category, and the booklet, “Milwaukee/NARI’s Remodeling Guide,” call (414) 771-4071 or visit the Council’s Web site at

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