Clark Pest Control Bed Bug Testimonial

Apr 13, 2012, 13:47 PM by User Not Found
Read about a happy, clark pest control bed bug customer


bed bug"When I first realized that I had bedbugs in the adjoining bedrooms, I 
told the roommates that I would do all that was possible to reverse the 

I did a lot of research on lots of companies and the reports people left 
on the internet. I came to two conclusions, heat treatment was great and 
follow-up, residual, spraying for three times over three weeks was the 
Lincoln of treatments and I'm a Ford man.

The only other posting I took note of was "Hit them hard, hit them fast 
and show no mercy!!!"

After about 6 hours of reading from many perspectives and opinions, I 
settled on Clark's. Although I felt them to be expensive, a news show 
with George Stephanopoulos dated August 2010, said that a good heat 
treatment could run between $2000 - $6000. So I didn't feel they were 
out of range when Eryck Madrigal quoted the price of $3400, a little 
shocked, but everything is more now than it was 10 years ago.

I was impressed with the process of heating my apartment up to a high 
temperature and keeping it there for 6 hours when, as I confirmed, the 
science is that the bedbug can't stand over 112 degrees for more than a 
few minutes. It made sense.

The appointment was set for a few days later. I prepared the apartment 
according to the guidelines. Mechanically I was doing stuff, inside I 
was understanding emotionally to a lesser degree what my sister must 
have felt when she lost her entire home in Katrina.

The morning after the heat treatment, by the way, that crew and their 
supervisor, Tom, David, Tony, did a superb job.

However it was the next day when the technician, Heric Tavera came on 
time to do the residual spraying, that I really got the feeling of 
security back a bit. He answered my questions and explained the process 
and what could be hoped for. I felt that we had reversed a bad 

He returned for two more times and each time was courteous and 
professional. From his conversations with me, he proved to be well 
informed of latest techniques and the entire science of "bedbugology".

On a fourth visit, I had a concern and he was in the area and came by to 
show me what was going on. One bug had been found and it was very still. 
He was able to show how that showed the spraying was working and did a 
thorough inspection of the bedrooms for me.

That clinched it for me. Customer service, along with the latest 
techniques, have made a bad situation into one of a pleasant memory of 
being treated with understanding for the state of mind the customer 
floats through while this "plague" persists.

Thanks to all the team. May I never need to see any of you again 
professionally and best of success to with you."

San Francisco, CA.

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