Bed Bug Innovations at Clark Pest Control

Dec 14, 2011, 14:08 PM by User Not Found
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Bed Bug Innovation

Bed bugs are all over the news these days. You may have heard that these insects are turning up in many places, in homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, stores and even airplanes. Bed bugs are keeping us very busy.

Why are they suddenly such a problem? A currently accepted explanation is that once pesticides like DDT, credited with wiping out bed bugs after World War II, were outlawed, bed bugs returned, and today there are few ways to control them effectively. The truth is that very few insects can survive temperatures above 120◦ F. Bed bugs certainly can’t, and Clark Pest Control branches have become experts at using the heat remediation process to control bed bugs.

Heat remediation is a treatment option that involves heating up rooms to around 135◦ F, and then moving the air around so it kills all life stages of the insect – eggs, nymphs and adults – wherever they’re hiding, even in cracks and crevices. By itself, heat remediation involves no pesticide use. Talk about a Clark S.M.A.R.T. way to handle a big problem!

We also offer other bed bug services, which include conventional treatments and fumigation procedures. You can get more information by calling us, or by talking with your Clark technician about what option will work best for you.


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