The Trendy Methods of Modern Pest Management

Sep 8, 2017, 09:16 AM by Fred Speer

With the third-party auditing being more and more subjective, it would serve food processing, storage, transportation and distribution facilities and their pest management partners well to insert a hefty dose of sound science into the discussion.

Part of this sound science approach relies on the collection, interpretation and sharing of pest trend reports. These reports are gathered with intelligence gleaned by technicians from monitoring insect and rodent traps within facilities, first-hand observations, review of pest logs kept by the client and conversations with facility staff.

Trend reports share information on pest activity and evidence of their presence (i.e. rodent droppings, gnaw marks on packaging, dead insects, etc.) within a facility.

These reports not only tell a pest management professional and facility staff where pest activity is present and how great the pressure but when pests are most likely to be active based on history.

The proper analysis of trend reports is something the commercial pest experts at Clark Pest Control thrive on. We sift through mounds of data collected from our clients to identify pest trends and use that data to get ahead of potential issues.

Pests, like humans, are creatures of habit and through trend report analysis we can predict when Indian meal moths may be an issue or from what access point rodents are entering a warehouse.

By combing our expertise in pest prevention and elimination with trend data we can deliver a more comprehensive and complete pest program.

Under mandates of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) food processors and their pest management partners are being required to take a pro-active approach to pest management and food safety.

Written pest management programs are required to be developed and carried out in food processing facilities both big and small. And the programs must place a strong emphasis on adopting a proactive, preventive – not reactive – approach to pest management.

Pest trend reporting and analysis falls in line perfectly with this approach, and can provide all stakeholders involved in the process – food processors, pest management providers, auditors and inspectors – with accurate, detailed and current information.

Clark Pest Control has always been committed to deploying cutting-edge technology to solve clients’ pest issues and trend reporting is part of that. These examples of trend reports show how we gather and disseminate valuable pest data for the benefit of our clients.