Reopening your business to pest control

Jun 17, 2020, 09:12 AM by Fred Speer

Pests did not practice social distancing during the shutdown. As the state moves toward summer – historically the most active pest season – the need for effective pest management and disinfection services is essential.

As businesses reopen their doors across California, Clark Pest Control is working closely with commercial clients to help them safely welcome back both clients and workers and protect facilities from potentially harmful pests and dangerous pathogens.

What is Clark doing to assist its commercial clients during this important time?

  • Clark QA inspectors and service technicians are performing top-to-bottom inspections of commercial facilities for signs of pests, or conditions that encourage pest activity, that may have developed during the shutdown period.
  • Those Clark professionals are continuously communicating their findings from pest trend data and spatial mapping to facility and property managers, as well as ramping up monitoring efforts to identify what’s been going on inside a property, pest-wise, during the closure. It’s not always the pests we see that concern us; it’s the ones we don’t, and we must find the root cause of the issue.
  • They also are reinforcing the importance of staying true to the pest management program your facility had in place before it was shut down. This includes maintaining consistent cleaning and sanitation practices (poor sanitation is the leading cause of many pest issues), while proposing that you might expand your program to include disinfection services.

During this pandemic, pests have continued to seek access to reliable sources of food, water, and shelter inside commercial facilities, whether they were open or not. And if pests did gain access, they easily slipped into a comfort zone because there were no threats to survival, and they had free run of the facility.

What were pests doing behind closed doors of commercial facilities? The Clark commercial team has seen the following trends emerge:

  • An increase in rodent activity in and around food service establishments, as rats and mice scrambled to find new food sources when food waste and garbage stopped being placed into the dumpster.
  • As temperatures increased, so has the pressure from Turkestan cockroaches. These cockroaches need little in the way of food to survive, but they do need moisture, and they have sought refuge in closed office buildings where they were undisturbed and could reproduce quickly.
  • Stored product pests have enjoyed feasting on backlogged inventory of food products, such as pasta or grains that have been stuck in limbo waiting to be shipped.

Safeguarding commercial establishments – including grocery stores, office buildings, food processing, and healthcare facilities from pests – is more important than ever, and ensuring the safety of customers, guests, and employees is paramount. It’s the reason we do what we do at Clark.

Commercial facilities face both pest-related and pathogen issues as they reopen, and neither issue can be put aside or judged as more or less important than the other. Clark Pest Control has expanded its scope of service, allowing it to deliver on both fronts for its commercial clients.

If you are looking for a pest management partner that delivers exceptional results and understands your business, and can help you protect your products, employees, and customers from harmful pests, call Clark Pest Control at (800) 936-3339.

Stay safe and be well.

Clark Pest Control now offers EssentialClean

Anywhere commerce is conducted and people gather – whether it’s a facility engaged in food processing, warehousing, distribution, or retailing, or a healthcare or educational institution, or an office, manufacturing, or recreational property – should have the peace of mind to confidently claim it is as pest and virus-free as possible.

Clark Pest Control’s EssentialClean™ is a custom service that uses a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered disinfectant labeled for use against a wide variety of pathogens, including other known coronaviruses (feline coronavirus and canine coronavirus). EssentialClean™ can offer peace of mind and results as your company, employees, and customers get back to work.

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