Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization Service: A Luxurious Lawn

For the lawn you've been dreaming about, count on Clark Pest Control. Our every-other-month lawn care service is designed to keep your lawn looking lush, deep green and weed-free – all year long. Our expert technicians will apply fertilizers that are custom blended for the exact type of grass growing on your lawn, fine-tuned for your climate and the current season. You’ll notice the difference right away, and each treatment will sustain your lawn’s verdant beauty for eight to 12 weeks.

Our customized program also includes broadleaf weed control, along with pre-emergent fertilizers that are applied in early spring, which will guarantee crabgrass control during the warm months. We’ll also provide you with written recommendations for watering, mowing and aeration.

You can get regular lawn fertilization as part of our comprehensive Residential Lawn Care program, or add it to your regular pest service. Call Clark Pest Control at (800) 936-3339 or click here and start enjoying your lush and beautiful lawn today.

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