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Rodent Control - Hantavirus poses health risk
Hantavirus has reappeared, but so far no humans have been infected.
is transmitted by infected rodents through their urine, droppings or saliva. People become infected after, emergency, but people are being forewarned. · Avoid contact with rodents. Do not pick up or handle rodents of any kind. · Eliminate harborage, water sources, and food sources for mice and rats
A Mouse in your house? Where there’s one, there’s many
than others. But as a rule, rodents prefer to work in the shadows, out of sight from humans. While rodents are a problem year round, every fall and winter, they invade an estimated 21 million U.S. homes. This makes recognizing the signs of the possible presence of rodents crucial to preventing, , revealed that rats are America’s biggest pest concern for health and home issues, and that rodents, risks presented by mice and rats are well documented: rodents can spread 200 different pathogens
Rodent Control-Two confirmed cases of plague in dead squirrels
The Tri-County Health departments confirm plague in two squirrels found in Castle Rock Colorado
The Tri-County Health departments were called to investigate two squirrels found in the area of Third Street and Hillside Drive in Castle Rock Colorado. They have confirmed that these two animals indeed had the plague. If you see any dead or sick looking rodents of any kind, you should stay, and residents are being warned to protect themselves and their pets from exposure to rodents that may carry, by fleas that live on rodents such as prairie dogs, squirrels and rabbits. Infected rodents become
Looking ahead to fall – and rodent season
. Rodents will be seeking new sources of food, water, and shelter to replace existing supplies, which have dwinded due to summer’s excessive heat and dry conditions. Park says that rodents have begun, has seen evidence of rodents chewing on plastic water bottles in distribution centers or grocery stores. “Rodents will rub up against a case of bottled water, and through the vibration, know liquid is inside,” he says. Cooler evening temperatures are also prompting rodents, especially mice
Rising Rodent PressureSpurs A Call to Action
driving the rodent population boom including: Rodents are being forced to find new sources of shelter, rodents to breed longer and reproduce in greater numbers, and feed on robust vegetation whose growth, quickly enough to physical and cultural conditions conducive to rodents. Increased homelessness in crowded urban areas leads to more rodent/human encounters as rodents take advantage of easily, , and a report outlining any structural, cultural or procedural deficiencies that would allow rodents
The Case for Maintaining A Complete Rodent Management Tool Box
protect the food supply consumers around the world enjoy from rodents. The crux of the proposed, industry and consumers at risk. “Rodents must be controlled to maintain a safe food supply and protect, to a rodent infestation. “Rodents reproduce quickly and in large numbers, and if pest, weeks for a permit to be granted.” To control rodents – a notoriously difficult pest to manage, manage rodents with just trapping and exclusion.” How are pest management professionals demonstrating
There Is a Mouse in the House
Mice can be a big problem during the winter months. We at Clark Pest Control have provided a list of signs that you have mouse in your house.
Did you know that rodents will invade approximately 21 million homes this winter? That statistic, – that these furry little intruders have no intention of taking the winter off! Rodents, especially house mice, are the most active of winter pests. Like many pests, rodents seek warmer digs in the winter, preferably with an abundant supply of food, water and nesting materials. Rodents are a crafty bunch, – to enter your home. Rodents only need an opening of ¼- to ½-inch to gain access to your home. And, unlike
Taming Nuisance Wildlife Around Your Home
, and depleting food and water sources make rodents along with nuisance wildlife including squirrels, raccoons, , rodents and nuisance wildlife are not only difficult and costly to eradicate, but they can also pose, Rodents, raccoons and squirrels often find their way into homes via uncapped chimneys, broken vents, for rodents and nuisance wildlife (and other pests). Make sure they are covered and positioned away from your home. Cut Back Vegetation Pests of all varieties, including rodents and small wildlife
Fall Rodent Preparation for Your Home
With Fall knocking at our door as we say goodbye to the summer months we should all start preparing for those rodents
With Fall knocking at our door as we say good bye to the summer months we should all start preparing for those pesky 4 legged pests that tend to take refuge in our homes where its nice and warm. RODENTS . These include several types of mice and rats. So how do you prepare? Well, Start by doing, rodents. Step two is checking for entry points where both rodents and pests may gain access to your home, , this is a common access point for rodents. Doors without door sweeps at the bottom of the door are like a big
Salinas Pest Control - Clark wins readers choice award
Reader's Choice Award for best pest control awarded to Clark Pest Control of Salinas California.
We would like to congratulate our Clark Pest, Salinas California pest control branch, winner of the Californian's readers choice awards in the Pest control category! This award is based on a public readers poll. GREAT JOB SALINAS. === From termites to bed bugs, rodents, and and more, you can trust the professionals at Clark Pest. We've been exterminating pests in Salinas, CA and surrounding areas as well as across California and Northern Nevada since 1950. Call today to schedule a free
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