Winged Ants?

Oct 8, 2009, 12:59 PM by User Not Found

termite swarmersThis may sound all too familiar to some, you leave for work and upon returning you find big piles of wings in your kitchen and bathroom of you may have witnessed what looked to be flying ants swarming.  When this occures it is pretty fair to say you have termites! 

Although they may look like ants, chances are they are not, What should I do? who do I call? How much does it cost to have this looked at? For starters you may want to collect a sample of either the wing and or termite, they will be in the open and are very easy to scoop one up. Place you sample in either a ziploc baggie or container and save it for your termite professional!

Clark Pest Control offers FREE Termite inspections and has been protecting California homes from termites since 1950, trust our range of termite control solutions to give you the peace of mind that termites are under control on your property, and will stay that way as long as Clark is on the job.



In the spring and fall, termites leave their nests to start new colonies.  These swarmers DO NOT CAUSE ANY DAMAGE.  The workers they leave behind do all the damage, as will the new workers the swarmers will produce in the new colony.  If you find swarmer termites in your units or around your apartment buildings, call us for a free inspection and proposal for our Archer Sentricon Program.



Why?  Because then you know you have termites in your buildings and you can do something about it.  If termites did not swarm regularly, the only way you would know termites were infesting your buildings is when damage becomes visible and by then, the damage is usually extensive.