Tips for Keeping Your Fourth of July Pest Free

Jul 2, 2015, 11:06 AM by Fred Speer

Research has shown that 85 percent of consumers profess a fondness for picnics and cookouts during the summer, and the Fourth of July holiday is the apex of the summer season. The holiday lineup features a slew of outdoor activities that includes picnics, swimming, baseball games, fireworks, and good times with family and friends. Unfortunately, it also can include visits from unwanted ants, flies and stinging insects that show up to spoil your good times.

Ants, yellowjackets and flies are attracted to typical cookout and picnic fare. Not only can these pests become a nuisance for homeowners, but they also can pose significant health risks to you and your guests.

These pests are drawn to sweet and sugary foods, like the desserts, fruit and soft drinks that are a staple of holiday functions. They also like the greasy leftovers that can be found on grills and serving trays, and in garbage cans filled with post-party trash.

Ants can contaminate food, and house flies have been known to carry more than 100 different kinds of germs that cause disease. Stinging insects send more than a half-million people to the emergency room each year, and yellowjackets, in particular, pose a significant health threat, as they may sting repeatedly and can cause allergic reactions.

The Clark Man wants you, your family and friends to have a safe, and enjoyable Fourth of July, and offers the following Six Tips to Keep Your Fourth of July Pest Free to keep annoying pests from spoiling your holiday fun, and keeping them in mind can help avert food-borne illnesses, too.

  1. Yellowjackets and other stinging insects are attracted to food and drink; provide clear plastic cups for your guests, as aluminum cans and plastic bottles make good hiding spots for stinging insects.
  2. Keep all food and beverages in sealed coolers and containers.
  3. Keep garbage containers sealed and away from guests.
  4. Clean trash, spills and crumbs immediately from tables and other surfaces; bring utensils and dishware indoors shortly after the meal.
  5. Rinse all beverage bottles and cans, and dispose of them in tightly closed garbage containers.
  6. Plan to serve food and beverages indoors, and reserve outdoor spaces for eating and entertaining.

If you have questions on how to protect your outdoor activities from pests this summer, call 800-WE-NEED-YOU (800-736-3339) or drop me an email at

Until next time I’m the Clark Man, and thanks for helping me keep unwanted pests out of your home.