The Clark Man: your termite detective

May 4, 2018, 11:50 AM by Fred Speer

The Clark Man plays many roles in the course of doing his job. He is a protector of food and property. He is an expert at correctly identifying pests. He helps your lawn and plants grow and create green space for you and your family to enjoy.

He is also a detective who investigates and identifies the root causes behind pest infestations. One pest the Clark Man has spent years investigating is the termite.

Termites are elusive pests, and they can go undetected for years – hidden behind walls, floor coverings, insulation, and other obstructions. Oftentimes there will be no visible indication to homeowners that their homes are infested with destructive termites.

Preventing termites from wreaking havoc in your home requires a special set of skills, which include knowledge of building construction techniques to identify hidden and difficult-to-access areas where termites are often found. Only 25 to 35 percent of the interiors of today’s homes are accessible to inspectors.

Having your home inspected annually for termites and other wood-destroying pests, by a trained professional who knows where to look and what to look for, is the peace of mind you deserve. As a Clark customer, you are entitled to a free termite inspection every year.

Clark Pest Control’s termite inspectors focus their expert eyes on the most vulnerable areas of a structure, and they can recognize signs of termite presence, such as blistering or weakness in wood, frass (termite droppings) from hidden termite galleries, or discarded termite wings near light fixtures or windowsills.

Because 40 percent of subterranean termite infestations originate where utilities – pipes, wiring – enter through slabs, along with settlement and expansion cracks in the slab itself, our inspectors will start at the foundation and work their way up, examining every crack, crevice, and potential termite entry point.

If our inspectors identify the presence of termites or wood-destroying pests and organisms in your home, they will first determine the source of the infestation and then provide you with treatment recommendations. They will also make recommendations for any necessary repair work for damage as a result of the infestation.

Discover the Clark Termite Control Difference and protect your most valuable investment from these destructive pests.

If you think termites are a problem in your home, call or text (800) WE-NEED-YOU (936-3339) or drop me an email at to schedule an inspection.

Until next time, I’m the Clark Man. Thanks for helping me keep unwanted pests out of your home.