Tarantula Facts and Clark Gets a new pet Tarantula

Jul 8, 2009, 13:59 PM by Clark Pest Control Lodi Office

First lets start off with some interesting facts and information about the Tarantula spider.

  • Females can live up to 35 years, males up to 15 years
  • Most breeds are considered docile creatures
  • Sheds their exoskeleton (MOLT)
  • Can be found in the harshest Deserts to tropical settings
  • May fast for a month
  • Most are not poisonous
  • 2 types - Terrestrial: Literally "living on the ground usually in a burrow" and Arboreal: Literally living in trees.
  • Are invertebrates: A general term for all multiple - celled animals that lack an internal skeleton, that is, are not vertebrates.
  • Are wonderful to watch

We here at Clark have just purchased and adult female Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula, She is 5 1/2 inches in diameter and will probably reach 6 1/2 inches over the next few years. Her name is Charlotte (Charli), Charlie is very sweet and new addition to the Clark family.

Charlie has been with us now for a full week now and has been great. She gets lots of visitors and enjoys her time chasing crickets. I would have to say that Tarantula's make great pets! We will post updates regularly.

Not all spiders are as friendly and fun to be around. Call Clark Pest Control to help you get rid of spiders from your home or business.