Safeguarding Your Home Against Rodents - Winter is almost here

Nov 26, 2010, 15:49 PM by User Not Found

During the cold winter months rodents are looking for a cozy place in your warm home!

During the fall, as temperatures starts to decline, Rats and Mice are looking to set up a harborage in and around your home. Here are some tips to help you rodent proof your home during this winter season.

  1. Tree’s are a thing of beauty, but they can also give rodents access to 2nd story vents, bird blocks, gutters and your roof. Keep your trees trimmed back away from the house.

  2. Make cure all exterior doors have door sweeps installed, keeps the rodents out and may save you money on both heating and cooling your home.

  3. Seal around all plumbing that is entering your home from the outside

  4. Seal any large cracks to the exterior of your home

  5. Keep a tidy living space, rodents love an abundance of newspaper, old magazines and clothing that they can turn into bedding

  6. Keep trash cans, firewood and any storage away from the structure

If you would like additional tips and advise on rodent proofing your home for the holidays, contact your local Clark Pest Control office, were just a call away and offer free inspections.