Rodent Control - Dirty computers and keyboards are attracting rodents

May 12, 2010, 13:23 PM by User Not Found

Is your computer keyboard a health hazard? Dirty consoles now attracting rodents

For many, the tiny morsel of food buried beneath the keyboard is an innocuous, albeit unpleasant, hazard of a working lunch.

But the seemingly harmless crumb is now being blamed for a growing health crisis within the workplace.

The Royal Society of Chemistry says mice are leaving droppings in computer keyboards as they search for food crumbs in empty offices at night.

Their claims come amid a rise in anecdotal evidence suggesting mice are becoming an increasing problem.

One London cleaning firm told them: 'A woman worker wondered why 'seeds' were coming out of her computer keyboard when she typed.

'She was mystified because she did not eat food at her desk. An investigation showed them to be mice droppings.'

The RSC claim good office hygiene is as important as domestic cleanliness and are now calling on employers to adopt a clean workstation policy.

They have launched a search for Britain's filthiest computer keyboard in an attempt to highlight the growing problem.

The RSC, which has a clean keyboard, monitor and telephone policy, is this year focusing on science and health in society.

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