Rat Control - New York Headed For A Ratdemic?

Apr 15, 2010, 15:46 PM by Clark Pest Control Milpitas-San Jose Office

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Rat Control - Are We Headed For A Ratdemic?

Source: https://gothamist.com/
(New York)

Last month word got out that budget cuts would lead to more rodents in our fair city, with the Department of Health cutting pest control aides on payroll from 84 to 57. Now the Daily News reports-screeching atop a dining room table, we imagine-"we'll be overrun by rats!"

The Union representing pest control workers in the city told them, "A lot of people are going to be seeing a lot of rats. It's going to take much longer to get vacant city lots cleaned up and to get rats exterminated. It's going to be a disaster. Rats are all over New York City, and we're just trying to contain it. We're going to have chaos in the city."

Sounds like we're in for a RATDEMIC over here. Or not? A spokeswoman at the Health Department told us that even though they're severely cutting down on staff, "the agency will restructure the Pest Control Lot Cleaning Program while maintaining capacity to respond to situations needing immediate attention. Rat conditions vary over time and there are likely many lots that need cleaning but do not necessarily have an ongoing significant rat problem. Reducing the number of lot cleaning teams will enable the program to more effectively target properties contributing to neighborhood rat infestation." The less-is-more argument... unexpected! They also assured us: "This will not result in more rats," which is the same as saying, "this will not result in less rats."

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