Pest Control - Argentine Ants are the pests that try and steal Christmas

Apr 7, 2020, 10:17 AM by User Not Found

I can recall last Christmas, our family gathered in the kitchen to load up on our favorite holiday meal, we then sat down for dinner and there was not even a thought that our food would would be invaded. As we got up for seconds we noticed Argentine ants in a frenzy on our counter, these little Grinches tried to steal our Christmas!

So what can you do to prevent thse little holday menaces from visiting? Here are some tips that will help deter ants from joining in on the holiday festivities.

  1. Ants can sniff out sweets, by removing empty soda containers and candy wrappers can reduce ants.
  2. Be vigiliant! Kids and household pets drop particles of food, which then attract ants, give your floors (carpet and non carpeted floors) a daily vacuum.
  3. Ants are also attracted to organic matter, particles of food left out on a kitchen counter will attract ants.

For heavy Argentine ant infestations Call Clark TODAY. To Learn more about Argentine Ants visit our pest library! 

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