Millipedes aren’t a big worry

Jan 8, 2010, 19:14 PM by User Not Found

Millipedes live outdoors in damp areas under leaves and plant debris, in cracks or in the lawn. They become pests when they wander into your home.

Unlike a lot of uninvited guests, millipedes don't really want to be there and, in a few days, they're going to die because of the relatively harsh environment inside your house. So don't panic.

Millipedes can be distinguished from centipedes by the number of legs per body segment and the shape of their bodies. Centipedes have a flattened appearance and only one pair of legs per body segment. Millipedes are tubular and have two pairs of legs per segment.

Millipedes are harmless to you and your pets. They can't bite or sting, and they don't nosh on furniture or the studs in your walls. They feed on damp and decaying vegetation and are part of Mama Nature's recycling team.


I have to agree, this little guys only wander into homes by mistake and when there want to go back outside! Milli's make great pets as you can see from my photos of handling a Giant African Milli and my Bumble Bee Milli's ! very sweet critters.